What kind of “DIET” is this one?

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Be sure to know The Lifetime Metabolic Program (LMP) for weight loss and healthy weight management is NOT a “DIET”… at least not in the way today’s culture typically uses that term. We know “diets” don’t typically work. LMP is different and more than just a fad diet. It’s NOT a quick fix!

Think about it: the word “diet” seems to imply a temporary fix … something done for a short time. The problem with that is that when such a temporary program ends most people have not learned how to maintain that change. They do what we call “GO NATIVE” … meaning they go right back to the lifestyle and way of doing things that originally got them in the overweight predicament. We do NOT want that for you!

We are all about our clients creating A FOCUSED LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Doing that requires addressing multiple aspects … including testing, training and time!

The Lifetime Metabolic Program combines a number of key factors:

  1. Doctor Over-sight. This is HUGE because let’s admit it: there are a number of metabolic and general health factors that all roll together making weight loss challenging, tricky, frustrating, confusing, emotional and … well, you get the idea! It’s a tough topic and oversight by a trained person to sift through all of those factors AND assure weight loss is being done safely and effectively is, indeed, a critical piece of our program. In many cases, this has been the missing piece of the puzzle for our clients who have finally achieved their weight loss goals.

  2. Technology & Testing: The typical “fad” diet is not going to include and provide you important insight like The Lifetime Metabolic Program does. These include …

    • Computerized Body Composition Analysis: State of the Art computerized testing uses technology that enables us to not just measure overall weight. This technology provides us specifics pounds of muscle, bone, water and yes, you guessed it: FAT! How many of those things do you really have – and thus, what is a healthy and realistic goal? In other words, this allows you to really understand what’s going on inside you, set realistic goals and assure as you lose that you are doing it in a healthy way.

    • Genetic Testing. This is perhaps THE difference we include. It clearly you the information to know specifically (based on YOUR DNA) the best long term plan for YOU in order to individualize things and give you back control for life. Seriously, nobody can (or should) live the rest of your life with NO CARBS and NO FATS! That is not sustainable, nor healthy! Get a specific idea of the ratios of proteins, fats and carbs that YOU should be focusing on!

  3. Strategic Metabolic Booster Meal Plan. This is that initial phase designed to jump start your metabolism and weight loss. It is based on numerous sources of the latest research and strategies … and thousands of successful clients providing proof.

  4. Proprietary Nutritional Formulas to naturally do the following:

    • Curb cravings and minimize hunger as you change your eating habits.

    • Control and stabilize blood sugar.

    • Minimize the lethargic, drained and grumpy feelings so often happen with typical “crash” diets.

  5. Accountability & team work. Again, if weight loss and learning to take back control was easy you would have already done it! And we would not have the overweight and obesity issues we do in the U.S. So, we start by sing technology to communicate daily! Yes, you read that correctly. Everyday is a challenge. So, we want to connect daily. As you gain momentum, confidence and control that will change in later phases of the program. But, in the beginning we just ask folks to be open, transparent and coachable. When they are great results typically happen! We are committed to personalized support to keep you on track and successful!

The point to this piece is this: There really is no simple, quick fix “DIET” out there that is THE answer for everyone. Do yourself a favor and get out of the “DIET” mentality. Think LIFESTYLE change!

We’re here and fully equipped to help! Click, call or just come in today!

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