To Push... Or NOT to Push

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One very strong aspect of our program is the SUPPORT model. We are proud to say we typically do quite well with that key aspect. As you might imagine, a support role is a challenging line to walk in any area of health and wellness. It is especially tough in weight loss!

The truth is that’s why most primary care doctors do not take on the role of closely supporting and guiding patients on their weight loss journey. Actually, very few doctors or other “health” care providers do that in a professional, clinical manner like we do for one simple reason: it’s tough and tedious work!

Because of this fact, there is a shortage of clinical weight loss support out there in most communities. So, guess what…

That is exactly WHY we choose to take on this very important support role!

The need is extremely high as we so often demonstrate with by sharing epidemic like statistics. Maybe YOUR personal need for support is high too?

If that’s the case, please rest assured, we do our very best for each client we serve. However, we must always bear in mind that body weight, being overweight, obesity and all the conditions associated with it are a sensitive and emotional-filled topic in most cases. We can communicate, motivate, push, nudge, etc. but we have to be careful to not "push" TOO hard.

If a person is not responding as we reach out or is not engaging with our program or with our efforts, we fully realize there is a time to “push” and a time to not do so. After a while we have to give them some space, back off a bit and come back at a later time when they indicate being more ready to re-engage. After all, it is a JOURNEY. Experience tells us that if we always keep pressing, it may "push" a person even further the wrong way.

Ever experience this? Many who have battled weight challenges off and on for years certainly have! So, let’s not repeat that broken model. Although, it’s really not always about more “push”…. it IS always about good COMMUNICATION.

On a person’s first visit, as we go through our program introduction, we always clarify that one key factor of success in our program is TWO WAY communication. It really is a foundation of effective TEAMWORK.

It is shared right from the start that our program’s success is based on a strategic and proven communication process. Patients report their weight, share how they are feeling, ask any questions, etc. The frequency of this is always indicated to our clients. In the beginning it is daily. Yes … daily!

As a client succeeds, gains momentum and begins to re-define the way they eat and live we extend that time frame. Our goal is to support our clients to the degree that they are able to gain control, take responsibility and ultimately become self-sufficient and shape a new lifestyle. That’s the win! And it’s what we mean by “teamwork”. 

This teamwork truth is perhaps best stated by the late Andrew Carnegie who is clearly recognized as one of the all-time great successes in America. He amassed a fortune in the steel industry then became a major philanthropist. Carnegie understood achievement and is known to have said this …

“You cannot push any one up a ladder unless he be willing to climb a little himself”.

(Of course, you can sub in “she” just the same! )

One not experienced and “steeped” in the weight loss support role (like we are) may not know these critical little nuances we are touching on here. But, we have learned some key “push points” associated with this aspect of support. Here’s just a few:

  • More and more "push" will not always solve a person’s challenge.
  • People often need encouragement, but sometimes just need time to be willing to “climb” a little more.
  • Support is often about “holding up” … not always “pushing” through.
  • At times people need space and understanding more than they need smothered.
  • Accountability is a 2 way street and teamwork requires give and take.
  • Almost everyone needs to remember this: allow time to work for you not against you
  • Finally, each person on the TEAM must be P-E-R-S-I-S-T-E-N-T and think of “push” this way …

One thing is for sure:

If we keep doing something the same way, we will keep getting the same ol’ something!

Are YOU ready for experienced weight loss support that sometimes comes with a push and sometimes not, but always with understanding, accountability and teamwork? If, so just “push” (click) to learn more! Or “push” our number in your phone today!

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