The 2 Most Important Words in Weight Loss

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The concept we will address in this brief writing is one we have shared about previously. That’s been a while, but in our day-to-day work with weight loss clients this is a topic that comes up very frequently. There are definite differences among individuals who inquire or enroll in our program. Some factors are clinical related. Some are more lifestyle oriented. And, in our science-based approach we even dig into significant genetic factors that differ among people and help us determine best strategies … and results.

Perhaps the biggest difference maker, though, which lies at the foundation of all those things is the mind-set and perspective of people. It commonly comes down to just two words ... and an individual’s application of them in their weight loss journey … or even their life in general. Those two words are REASONS and EXCUSES.

When we meet and interview a person to establish if they may be a good candidate for our program, we must determine this: Is this person in a healthy mode of pursuing a REASON to make a change? Or are they making EXCUSES why it can’t or doesn’t happen in their case?

Have you ever stopped and thought about this? You have probably heard people in both modes? Maybe just pointing this difference out has allowed you to quickly establish where YOU are?

REASONS for effective and lasting weight loss vary greatly. They are often tied to things like a concerning medical diagnosis, the inability to do something one loves to do, the desire to be able play with grandchildren, a realization associated with the loss of a family member or friend, or merely a final threshold hit in the way a person feels physically or emotionally about their body and level of health (or lack thereof). All of these are good reasons to do whatever it takes to make life improving changes.

Unfortunately, the list of EXCUSES that lead to failure in making that type of weight and life change is often a much longer list. In fact, the idea of listing them here may prove counterproductive. We don’t want to even acknowledge or give any attention to those common excuses. You likely know them already. So, let’s move on!

To overcome this small but very dangerous trap, one of the first things to do is simply pause and pay attention to the distinct differences - and radical outcomes of this difference in perspective. One of the best comparisons on this was spelled out in a blog by Brad Huebert at Here’s what he wrote:

  • Reasons get respect. Excuses are shamed.
  • Excuses are lame and cowardly. Reasons are courageous
  • Excuses are dishonest. Reasons have nothing to hide.
  • Excuses keep us from the real issues. Reasons are the real issues.
  • Reasons grow from virtues. Excuses grow from vices.
  • Excuses retreat from action. Reasons put us on the front lines.
  • Reasons say no to lesser things so they can say yes to better things. Excuses say no to better things because they’re too afraid to give up lesser things.
  • Reasons aspire. Excuses settle.
  • Reasons dispel darkness. Excuses let darkness reign.
  • Reasons create clarity. Excuses stir up the mud.
  • Reasons improve morale. Excuses destroy it.
  • Reasons change the world. Excuses never change anything.
  • Excuses murder and bury reasons in the sand. Reasons can return the favor … if we let them.

Wow! That is a powerful comparative list no matter what area you apply it to: your work life, your relationships, your spiritual life, and certainly your health, fitness and you guessed it: your weight loss!

So, today we ask you this: where are you living right now? In WHY-land … or in EXCUSE-ville?

If you are in a mode of REASONS to pursue weight loss success, then we feel comfortable telling you our program may very well be the exact “HOW-TO” PROCESS you need to achieve your goal! If you’re stuck in “Excuse-ville”, we probably don’t need to tell you that’s a dangerous and uncomfortable place to live!

The GOOD NEWS is this: most of those WHY NOTS (EXCUSES) have already been heard, tackled and overcame in our program. The clients you see pictures of or read about on our website were focused on the REASONS to do it first! They shed their excuses before they ever shed a pound of fat! We’ve seen it over and over. If we can help develop a big enough WHY for you, the HOW is indeed in place!

Our final phrase for this week comes from a legendary author, speaker and personal development guru by the name of Jim Rohn who repeatedly taught

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”.

If you REALLY want to shift your weight and TAKE BACK CONTROL of your health once and for all, we invite you to contact us today! Don’t delay. Don’t allow the time of year, your busy-ness or anything else become an EXCUSE. You know why? Because after those things pass, there will be another batch of excuses waiting to be latched onto! No excuses! Click, call or just come in!

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