Weight Loss “Secret IN-gredient” #8: IN-Vite!

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This week we are wrapping up our short series which has focused on the key “IN-gredients” our successful weight loss clients possess. We call them “IN-gredients” because the first two letters of each word will begin with “I-N”. This and the seven IN-gredients we’ve shared previously will help YOU create an effective “recipe” for weight loss and weight management. As a quick refresher, so far we have hit on the following:


This week we want to touch on the IN-gredient we call “IN-Vite”. Of course, our weight loss team provides an extensive amount of support and accountability for all clients. In fact, that was part of the message last week about “IN-struction”. What we are referring to here, however, is that special thing that happens when our clients choose to bring others along on their weight loss journey.

Who are we referring to here? It can be a very wide variety of people and acquaintances with whom you have some form of special relationship with. Consider some of these which we have seen:

  • Spouses
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Best friends
  • Employers
  • Co-workers
  • Work out partners
  • Personal trainers
  • Pastors

These are people who care for you, support you, likely spend a significant amount of time with you and want the best for you. Including a strong “support cast” has proven super helpful for many, many clients.

One of the most successful clients to have went through the Activate Metabolics weight loss program did very well with this IN-gredient. He showed up on his initial qualification visit with his father. How many grown men do that? Well, in this case he wanted a 2nd set of ears and eyes in that first meeting. This family meant business. The Dad demonstrated awesome support and displayed a true vested interest in his son’s health and well-being right from the start. As this client proceeded through the program, his sister, brother, grandmother and a couple nieces were all at appointments to celebrate the progress and encourage him to stay the course.

Another client was a busy entrepreneur who owned multiple businesses – one being a restaurant. This client ended up IN-viting a close group of family and employees along on their journey. An employee from two different businesses along with a sister and a brother were all on the support team. Each of them had a different time of day and way to connect and/or support our client. The key is that all had a vested interest in their sibling or employers weight loss success.

The truth of the matter is this: You likely have special people around you who care for you and want the best for you. Most of those people really are happy to help. They want to help, but you have to let them in. You have to IN-vite them along …. And be open to their love and support.

An important thing to bear in mind is the fact that some of the folks around you may also need to lose weight. They are struggling, too! They care for you. So, maybe it’s time you show that same care and concern … and IN-vite them to lose weight with you! Take back control of your health, weight and wellness together! Take steps together. Hold each other mutually accountable. Celebrate progress together. Push through challenges together.

Remember: Life is not a competition as much as it is a mutual journey to be made together.

These 8 “Secret IN-Gredients” we have touched on the last several weeks are THE exact things that the most successful clients in our program have added to their weight loss recipe. They can and will help you, too!

With that in mind, we IN-Vite YOU to click or call to learn more about our program! Until next time, stay the course to a healthy weight and a life of wellness!

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