“Secret IN-gredient” #7: IN-struction.

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Here we go again! We continue to chip away on our series outlining the key “IN-gredients” we routinely observe in our clients’ who achieve awesome weight loss results in our program. This is #7 of 8 and along with the others will help YOU create the ideal “recipe” for weight loss and weight management. Remember: we call them “IN-gredients” because the first two letters of each word will begin with “I-N”. If you’ve not seen the first 6 please go back to previous blog posts and check them out. So far, we have hit on:


This week we touch on the key IN-gredient simply known as IN-struction. Of course, we all pretty much know what that word means in general, but it’s always interesting to further consider a word that seems so clear and simple.

Google defines IN-struction this way: “Detailed information telling how something should be done, operated, or assembled”. (Side note: we discussed detailed IN-formation a while back on IN-gredient #3 if you’d like to go back and check that out!).

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines instructions this way: “an outline or manual of technical procedure; directions; the action, practice, or profession of teaching”. You won’t be surprised to learn that we have a great manual detailing our program – giving our clients specific directions

Our priority action is providing IN-struction and teaching our clients. Why? Because we know there are several very common challenges most people experience when it comes to weight loss beyond just having information. These include things like …

  • Information Overload – There is an absolute plethora of programs, products, fads, “secret” strategies, information, books, articles, etc. etc. etc. a person will dig up when they start snooping into “weight loss”. Chances are you have experienced this? The really tough thing is that there is SO much contra-diction and disagreement among the various approaches that most people do not know which to listen to and apply. This leads to the next challenge …
  • Paralysis by Analysis – This happens when a person feels so bombarded and confused by the ll of the overload that they get stuck thinking about all the information and ideas so much that they can’t decide which to do or how to do it. For many it’s so perplexing that they never even get started.
  • Informed but NOT Applying – It’s not uncommon for people to read, study and dig in to so much information that they end up very well versed. It’s all in their head. They know what to do. Yet, for some reason they cannot or will not apply all they have learned.
  • Absence of a System – That lack of application typically comes from a lack of knowing HOW to put all the pieces of the puzzle together … or being unclear about the actual steps to take. It’s one thing to have a bunch of bits-n-pieces of information. It’s a whole other challenge to have all the latest research and strategies in an organized, clear and trackable system or method that a person can apply into their busy lives on a consistent basis … and ultimately create a focused lifestyle change.
  • Lack of Accountability – Even with a system or manual, it’s tough to change behaviors and habits on our own. It’s easy to rationalize things in our own mind, to let our self out of a plan or push a start date off another week, another month or to next year. IN-struction and coaching about how to overcome this tendency is one of the keys to our clients’ success. Having a planned strategy of regular check ins, communication, getting measures and proceeding through the phases of weight loss is the primary thing many people need. The outside perspective, expectation of reporting and inspiration that comes with our program and coaching routinely allows people who have never been able to get on (and stay on) a plan to finally focus, commit and get results.
  • No Clinical Insight – It’s NO secret: successful weight loss is often quite tricky. People have a different metabolism. Unique lifestyles and medical conditions may play a part, too. What worked for your friend, co-worker or the “miracle case” you saw on the internet may not work in your case. Many people find they need some insight from someone who will use science, education and tools like computerized body composition analysis, genetic testing, etc. (like we use) to establish the best plan for YOU in order to provide you the best opportunity for success.

The bottom line is this: most people just need a “HOW TO” solution to all these common challenges. They need a system and IN-struction that they can understand along with people they can lean on for support. That’s what we do! It’s how our most successful clients enjoy the benefits of healthy weight loss.

Many people we meet with will come right out and admit their biggest challenges or frustrations. They say things like:

  • “I really need help”
  • “I feel overwhelmed.”
  • “Someone needs to hold me accountable.”
  • “My health conditions concern me or prevent me from losing weight.”

These and similar phrases are common and shared daily in our clinic. That need for direction, oversight, accountability and personalized, sensitive support is very common. It just is what it is! That’s why our program, featuring the Activate Metabolics protocol, is structured to fill this need and effectively IN-struct our clients through those frustrations.

Doctor oversight and close accountability is indeed a key piece of the puzzle. We implement as much as daily communication in the beginning, most challenging phase! Some other popular commercialized programs see their clients initially then they are completely on their own. Some have even been told to “ignore the scale” and not check their weight for a couple weeks until they return. As a result, the person attempting weight loss has no idea what’s happening with their body, if they are losing weight, etc. Or, they may go days with questions and needs not being addressed.

We actually IN-struct our clients to communicate daily by text and share their weight and how they feel, what they may be struggling with (there are usually solutions if addressed right away!), questions they may have and more. “Weigh daily – Text daily” is our motto for the first phase. That close text communication and consistent in person visits carries on for the duration of our program. This model creates teamwork. As a client, you should never feel alone or lack IN-struction in our program!

If weight loss was easy, we would not have the epidemic-like numbers we do. While a select few get it figured out and accomplished on their own, most people need IN-struction from a team using a proven system and protocol. If you’re one of those, don’t beat yourself up or live in a state of frustration. Your first IN-struction is simple: Reach out to us today! Click, call or just come in!

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