Limiting Mindset #8

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“I Will Do This PRIVATELY On My Own.”

There is absolutely NO doubt about it: the challenge and frustration of struggling with your overweight is VERY personal. Because of that, many people like to make the fixing of it personal as well. If they can figure it out and succeed, that’s great!

But let’s admit it: it is difficult to lose weight on your own! It almost comes back again to the whole toleration thing we wrote about earlier. Sometimes, besides providing helpful direction and counseling, other people who are concerned about your health and who are focused on coaching people to lose weight and overcome their weight challenge do not tolerate us getting off course as much as we may allow ourselves to do!

Think about it … whether it’s on a TV show ... in the work place ... in the gym … or in YOUR own life, the BIGGEST LOSERS of weight are typically those who have someone assisting and supporting them. Someone who is knowledgeable and serious about your results. Someone to motivate you, support you, push you, stand beside you and guide you through the entire process.

Don’t let your THINKING about privacy, embarrassment or frustration LIMIT you.

Accountability when done properly with knowledge, care and compassion is very powerful. It is a time tested principle of success … including successful weight loss.

As Stephen Covey stated in the quote to the right, when one is held positively accountable through a weight loss program like The Lifetime Metabolic Program, it enables our clients to “response” to those tough times of challenge, temptation and frustration to much more healthy, effective and successful. The ability to consistently and properly respond is key!

We believe that true accountability (especially with something as emotional and personal as body weight issues) ought to be individualized in order to create trust and allow for motivation, celebration and, yes, a swift kick in the bootie at times when it is needed! (Just kidding on that last one, but some “tough love” and blunt reminders are indeed needed at times!)

So …. Unless you’re super-disciplined it is really, really tough to hold yourself accountable. Trying to do so through a significant weight loss journey - and making a focused lifestyle change almost never works.

We are here for you! Click, call or just stop in sometime soon and see why our clients LOVE our support process!

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