Limiting Mindset #11

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Let’s address this one by first acknowledging that we do NOT know your personal financial situation. But we can say (with pretty good certainty) that this is an area that people frequently make assumptions … And have a mind-set of LIMITIED THINKING when it comes to their health. Here are just a couple of quick LIMITING THOUGHTS this topic typically brings …

First, many, many people in America today cannot afford to NOT invest in a REAL solution for their weight challenge. It has gotten to that point. The ramifications and true, astronomical costs associated with living overweight or obese absolutely squash the investment required to benefit from an effective program like ours.

Next, we simply cannot put a “price tag” on our health. The loss of health … and the loss of your enjoyment and self-worth is PRICELESS.

The dollars and cents related to weight issues in our country are staggering. Check these few stats out:

  • The Annual health costs related to obesity in the U.S. is nearly $200 billion.
  • Nearly 21 percent of medical costs in the U.S. can be attributed to obesity.
  • Even today’s employers know this. According to the Centers for Disease Control, medical expenses for obese employees are 42 percent higher than for a person with a healthy weight. It’s a hard thing for many to hear, but the numbers are out: If you’re overweight or obese you are a financial liability for your company.
  • Let’s break that down for YOU as an individual … A 2010 report on THE MEDICAL CARE COSTS OF OBESITY from the NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH stated that the per capita medical spending is $2,741 higher for people with obesity than for normal weight individuals.

So, the idea of questioning the “affordability” of weight loss simply must be re-thought by many people. They must think out of the box.

“Cost” vs. “Investment”

Don’t think “COST” (which is something you give up). Instead, think about INVESTMENT (which is something that brings a return!)

Think about the RETURN you may see on the INVESTMENT of learning to eat healthier and in line with YOUR GENETICS.

  • How might a sensible and scientific based weight loss program which does NOT include pre-packaged foods, shakes or bars positively impact you?
  • What may be different?
  • How might you feel, look … and live?
  • What would, could and should you do if you were at a healthier weight?

After thinking about all of those things, what if you knew there were affordable payment options available for a program like ours? Would it be helpful if you were able to INVEST sensibly and in way that jives with your personal income flow?

Please realize this weight loss program is professional, overseen by a doctor and there will NOT be what we call “nickel and diming” as you develop a focused lifestyle change. In our program, you will know up front what the program investment will entail to cover office visits, nutritional supplementation, computerized Body Composition Analyses and the Genetic Testing we do. You will know exactly what the fee structure will be based on your test results … your goals … and the way you choose to make that investment in your health.

What we are saying is this: Please do NOT assume anything when it comes to your health and the ability to afford making changes. Don’t LIMIT the possibilities when it comes to your ability to invest in weight loss. Again, for many people, they cannot afford NOT to lose weight! Is this you?

With this 11th Limiting Mindset, we wrap up this short series. So, remember: Don’t limit your thinking. Learn the facts. Think out of the box. Don’t put a price tag on your health. And as always click, call or just come in. We’re ready to help YOU!

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