Limiting Mindset #10

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Limiting Mindset #10
“I’m afraid I may fail.”

One of the questions on our new client paperwork is this:

What would prevent you from starting our program today?

Obviously, there could be many answers to this. Yet, one of the most common responses we see is:

“Fear of failing – again.”

The first thing we can say about this is that we understand. It’s a very common fear or apprehension in MANY areas of life … and certainly when it comes to weight loss! But, here’s what we have to say about this very prevalent LIMITING MINDSET …

History is FULL of people who failed at one thing … and then failed at another. Over and over again, they failed at this and that. Then, low and behold, they succeeded. They are great stories of persistence and perseverance.

Well, maybe YOU have one of those success stories within YOU as it relates to your weight loss journey. Maybe you can NOW make a great story for yourself. We have the tools and strategies that have enabled thousands to achieve, live and share a story of FINALLY succeeding.

One thing we have seen over and over is this: Paralysis and lack of action due to fear will NOT allow anything to happen for you. It’s been said …

Look, the absolute worst thing you can do is Feed Your Fears!

A mentor taught me LONG ago that F.E.A.R. stands for...

In other words, the “fear” we have is typically fake, false and un-founded! Yet, we let it fester SO long that is feels SO real. This F.E.A.R. is often that limited line of thinking (that “9 DOT THINKING”) that causes you to ask unhealthy and un-productive things like ….

  • What will people think of me?
  • What will they say?
  • Will they judge me?
  • What if I have to change the way I eat? (Hint: you probably will!)
  • Can I possibly do without THAT food? (Hint: you may have to!)
  • It scares me to do _______ (fill in the blank)
  • I’m afraid of being without ______ (fill in the blank)

Well, maybe you need to RE-consider your FEARS. Ask yourself a different set of questions like …

  • Am I more afraid of staying the SAME?
  • What will be the effect of THAT?
  • Or worse, is it scary to think about moving further up the scale?
  • Am I more afraid of the health issues that will likely develop than I am of possibly getting a less than perfect result?

The Bottom line is you have to do this …

Again, the first action step is to ask a different set of questions. It’s okay to have FEAR. But, we suggest you focus on REAL fears: • The fear of the long term health effects of living overweight and/or obese. • The fear of years you may lose … literally. • The fear of the financial costs associated with it. • The stress and challenge of being alive … but not able to LIVE like you could or should.

This is obviously a BIG topic and a critical limiting thought. Don’t be “afraid” to call, click or come in so we can help you!

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