How Many YEARS are YOU Willing to Give Up?

We always pay close attention to research studies and experiments that measure the effect of what we do. We also pay a lot of attention to studies that demonstrate what happens when people do NOT engage in a successful weight reduction and maintenance program. Perhaps none are better than the one below that appeared a couple of years ago in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. Take just a couple quick minutes to read it for yourself...

If you have not reached a point of true concern or are “okay” with being overweight or obese this brief article should surely get your attention. If it doesn’t, then we are not sure what will! Of course, that’s probably not the case if you are regularly reading our blog and following along with the information and inspiration we like to share.

This study very simply moves us well beyond the factors of “image”, comfort, mobility, the wide range of emotions experienced, relationships being affected, medical costs and more. This article is literally saying that YEARS OF LIFE will likely be lost as a result of tolerating and living at an unhealthy weight. Here is a summary graph for you …

We don’t mean to “scare” anyone. But, we DO want to keep it real. We do want to tell the TRUTH. We do want to wake some folks up. You know why?

Your LIFE depends on it!

Today we want to encourage YOU to live a good life … and do whatever you can to make it last! If this article gets your attention and you have good reason(s) to live, we are here to help! Call, click or just come in sometime soon! Let’s GET you living … and KEEP you living!

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