A (very) Common “Side Effect” of Weight Loss.

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It’s interesting to get the good, honest feedback from our successful weight loss clients. There seems to be this ASSUMPTION that people only want to lose weight to “look better”. Of course, that is a strong driving force for lots of folks. And, yeah, some others are motivated to take weight off because of a serious diagnosis like Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. (or the threat of getting such a diagnosis).

These are all good reasons to consider weight loss! But ya know what one of THE most commonly reported positive “side effects” of losing weight is?

Joint Relief! The ability to MOVE better. Less pain in the hips, knees, ankles, feet and lower back. Freedom of movement! Being able to once again do things they love to do. Participating in activities again with family and friends that have been missed or put on hold because of the aches, pains, stiffness and immobility … which deep down people know were due to their weight challenge.

We routinely hear awesome reports like …

  • “I could actually get out and see things on vacation this time!”
  • “I love being able to keep up with my children!”
  • “It felt so good to walk along the beach again!”
  • “Work is easier now that I can move better!”
  • “Stairs do not take such a toll on me!”
  • “I could work in the yard and be sore the next day!”
  • And many, many other similar statements.

WHY do the joints often hurt so much when we are battling weight challenges?

The reason is actually more complicated than JUST having more weight on your joints. It typically involves a condition called OSTEOARTHRITIS.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease, in which we lose cartilage and progressively destroy the bones of our joints. While aging often makes such a condition more common there are definitely factors which accelerate or worsen it early on in life.

Scientific study after study has demonstrated that more weight will typically cause joints to degrade more rapidly. That’s pretty clear and obvious. But osteoarthritis is caused by more than JUST extra weight. It’s also apparent that there is a correlation between the presence of excess fat tissue and INFLAMMATION.

So, now a person has a combination of excess joint load plus the inflammatory chemical and hormonal environment that having too much body fat creates. This creates a debilitating 1-2 PUNCH that hits your joints … and your LIFE right where it counts! Like so many other chronic and progressive conditions, osteoarthritis is a VICIOUS CYCLE. Think about it …

  • Your joints ache and your body overall hurts. So, you move less.
  • Moving less and the inflammation associated with excess fat means your joints stiffen.
  • Less activity means creates muscle weakness.
  • Muscle weakness means it’s even more difficult to move when we DO want/need to!
  • Less movement means more weight gain … which means more stress on the joints.
  • This all leads to even less cushion. The osteoarthritis condition worsens.
  • Meaning even more pain ... and more limited activity.
  • And on … and on … and on. It’s a downward spiral!

Bottom Line: Obesity makes it much more likely that a person will get osteoarthritis.

Are you struggling with more than just a weight challenge? Does it involve this joint pain and limitation we are referencing here? We don’t want this for YOU or anyone! One more important reason to lose weight is to reduce joint pain and improve your movement. We can help! Click, call or just come in today!

Don’t settle for just being alive. It’s time to LIVE again!

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