Are you like Houdini?

Have you ever heard of Harry Houdini? He is known as one of the greatest “escape artists” of all time. There is a story about one of his “near failures” that all of us can learn from. As it applies to this blog, many people struggling to lose weight can absolutely benefit.

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The Amazing & Inspiring Story of Rich Conley

Shared by Activate Metabolics weight loss provider Dr. Bart Anderson, D.C.

It was February 27th, 2018 when Rich, a 43-year-old man weighing over 500 pounds, came into my clinic to learn about our clinical weight loss program. He was with his Dad. You may ask, “Why was a man this age coming to a doctor’s appointment with his Dad?” Well, there was a couple of reasons.

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This week we wanted to continue to share yet another article about … “HOW POOR DIET CONTRIBUTES TO CORONAVIRUS RISK”. This one from The New York Times. The link for the full read is at the bottom, but first we wanted to share a few excerpts to get your attention:

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COVID-19 … “The Elephant In The Room”

We’re sharing another interesting resource this week related to THE PRIMARY COVID-19 RISK FACTOR. Hint: it’s the condition WE help people with. For the full read, the link is included below, but here are a couple of direct quotes that grabbed our attention.

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