Has Your Doctor Mentioned “Metabolic Syndrome”?

Maybe you’ve never heard that term. For many people, they have heard it but don’t really know what it is. If not, it’s time you did! This brief blog writing should provide you some basics … because Metabolic Syndrome is important … especially if you have heard it related to you or someone you love!

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Do you know YOUR numbers?

… Specifically, Your (FAT) Numbers?

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How Are You Controlling Your “R”?

As we all know, hitting the “CONTROL” button along with the “R’ on a keyboard is used to “REFRESH” the contents of the current window. Ever wish you could just do that in life?

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It's Not a Diet. It's a Lifestyle

A Key Distinction!

If there is one thing we work hard to successfully communicate to people – whether they are just considering our program or are in the process of losing weight with us – it is that message above.

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Decisions Determine Destiny

Our experience in helping hundreds of people over the years has allowed us to clearly see there really is no luck or “lottery effect” to weight loss or healthy weight management.

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