Comfort Is Not (always) Your Friend!

If you are in Program or follow along with us at all, you surely know that we LOVE to celebrate the victories that our clients experience. Every pound that is dropped matters. It’s always fun when they get an updated computerized body composition analysis that shows positive change and solid momentum. Of course, when they hit their goal weight we absolutely celebrate!

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To Push... Or NOT to Push

One very strong aspect of our program is the SUPPORT model. We are proud to say we typically do quite well with that key aspect. As you might imagine, a support role is a challenging line to walk in any area of health and wellness. It is especially tough in weight loss!

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The late Jim Rohn has been called “America’s Foremost Business Philosopher”. Of course, this blog is not about “business” or “philosophy” per se. But Mr. Rohn’s teachings and perspectives have undoubtedly influenced the thinking and achievements of mass numbers of people. We would absolutely recommend anybody interested in self-improvement and personal growth soak up as many of his teachings as possible.

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Friend or Frustrator?

Why Weigh Day After Day?

There are clearly different “schools of thought” about the value of the scale as one embarks on a weight loss journey. Some popular programs out there are known to instruct their members to NOT weigh in, to pay NO attention to the scale and to only weigh in when they arrive at their appointments once every few weeks. One phrase often seen or shared says “Ignore the scale and make the process your goal”.

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Are YOU Trying To EXERCISE Your Way To SKINNY?

If so, think again!

Fitness is fabulous and we believe should absolutely be a part of everyone’s health and wellness plan. No sensible person would deny that. So, as you read this blog please be very clear: we ARE advocates of fitness! …

But, did you know that research routinely proves it is more important to EAT RIGHT for weight loss than to try to exercise your way to skinny?

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